Excerpt from Chapter 8, Mission Possible!
©2004 Insight Publishing Company

Wright: . . . I notice that in more than one place in your literature, you stress the value of people keeping their word. You stress this with professional sales people and with school children. Why is it important, do you think, as a part of your magic philosophy?

Varley: Keeping and valuing your word in all things big and small is an important part of Making A Greater Individual Commitment. When we give our word - "I'll call you tomorrow" or "I'm going to lose ten pounds" - and we fail to keep it, it injures our honor, our spirit and our self-esteem. It breaks down any margins of trustworthiness we had with another person or within ourselves. Getting anything done with and through other people requires trust. Most people do not consistently deliver on their word. I think it needs to be taught to children of all ages that your word is your bond and that no amount of legal paperwork makes your word any more reliable or trustworthy. Put your name behind it and be proud of that commitment . . .

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