Biography of Edith C. Varley

Edith C. Varley, MBA, uses systems thinking initiatives to identify client need and establish outcome-based business objectives. As an experienced owner-operator of a multi-million dollar chemical manufacturing business, Edie, through on the job training, practice-based and reality-based experience successfully transfers 25 years of knowledge, know-how and relational leadership skills to plan a remedy for business and organizations.

  • Edie successfully motivated employees, from the boiler room to the board room by delivering on promises to cultivate trust.
  • Linked the mission, "to improve the quality of life through better systems of sanitation" to manufacturing quality products, to producing quality sales, to seeking quality distribution, to providing quality and innovative service, ongoing quality training and outcomes.
  • Linked the mission to all internal systems and external issues producing sustainable ways to differentiate in a marketplace of look-a-likes.
  • Developed a branded line of chemistry: new products, new labeling, standardizing packaging, streamlining manufacturing, accelerating turns, increasing sales, reducing costs, producing double digit net operating profits.
  • Successfully launched branded line of chemicals to multinational hospitality and gaming operations using a unique, holistic approach and accountability three deep; the source, the distributor and the multinational consumer.
  • Pioneered international distribution channels through relational marketing.
  • Successfully expanded local distribution of manufactured product to national and internationally recognized brand of product.
  • Leveraged governmental regulations for market advantage and differentiation, with turn-key programs for OSHA Right-to-Know Compliance
  • Taught distributors how to build their business margins by differentiation.
  • Taught consumers to approach their facilities needs holistically for greater savings and higher profits.
  • Developed a 'triangle of trust' concept with all relational stakeholders; employees, distributors, consumers, vendors, transporters, regulators and communities.
Work Experience:

The Varley Group, Inc. Principal, Business and Organizational Consulting
James Varley & Sons, Inc. Owner/Operator , Manufacturing Chemists since 1921
Boeing, formerly McDonnell Douglas Corporation Industrial Recreation Representative


  • Executive MBA graduate of the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis.

  • Recipient of Peer Honor Award, Category: Inspirational, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis: Edie provided compassion or encouragement when needed most; increased motivation and reduced stress through contagious optimism and cheerful disposition.

  • Co-Commencement Speaker for the Executive MBA graduating class 2004.

  • Recipient of the James Varley & Sons, Inc. $100,000.00 Award for record-breaking sales increase in one year.

  • Recipient of Eugene M. Thirolf Award for producing sales increases averaging $100,000.00 or more over a five year period.

  • Featured Speaker/Consultant in the book titled, Mission Possible copyright 2004