EI for IT: Using Emotional Intelligence in Information Technology (CAIT MGT295)

Overall Seminar - 100% rated overall experience "EXCELLENT" or "VERY STRONG"

Instructor Evaluation - 100% rated Edie's delivery "EXCELLENT" or "VERY STRONG"

"Great course-probably the best I took in the certificate program. The course material is relevant to any occupation, though in this case it was geared toward IT. Edie was an extremely good instructor and she kept me interested throughout. Sometimes the material ran a little long, but I think that will improve as she continues to present this class. Extremely useful course- I am better for having taken it."
Dave Fenn
The Boeing Company

"Edie was inspiring throughout the course, helping me to connect cause & effect of emotions & understand impact to myself & others... Great course that instills a better sense of control."
Terri A. Aly, Student

"I really enjoyed the class because it made me look inside myself and honestly identify what I saw. Edie's passion is contagious."
Margaret A. Kaelin, Project Lead
The Boeing Company

"EI for IT has helped me reflect back to the persons on my team the unspoken feelings that prevent us from accepting our imperfections and pulling together when the going gets rough."
John Muntges, Data Architect
Blue Cross Blue Shield Missouri

"The critical factor for IT success is not software or hardware, but "people-ware." No matter how good you are with technology, if you can't effectively work with people, your career is at a dead-end. Edith did more to enhance my people skills in two short days than all of the other classes I have taken combined. I highly recommend this course!"
Mark Schneider, Director of System Engineering Services
ISSD, Express Scripts, Inc.

"The CAIT class, Using Emotional Intelligence In Information Technology, is a truly motivating and energizing class. The discussions and class exercises allowed me to define the type of person that I am and who I want others to see me as, both professionally and personally."
Debbie Haley, Manager
AIS Support Center

"I believe this class would be valuable for those in management positions as well as those who aspire to be leaders in any endeavor. It could benefit individual and team performance by promoting each of the "Four Dimensions", which in turn benefits organizational achievement."
Kevin Thurau, Programmer/Analyst
GMAC Insurance

"Emotional Intelligence for IT Professionals' emphasizes the latest research on applying a balance of technical and emotional considerations to problem management scenarios. It encourages technically oriented personalities to explore the benefits of looking at their own internal emotional programming. This course promotes cultivation and development of a mature emotional outlook, when confronting stressful challenges. Through class exercises, the participant is directed to see how an automatic 'knee jerk' response can be transformed by a simple 'pause for reflection' into a more satisfying and productive outcome."
John Kluge, Lead IT Business Analyst
UniGroup, Inc.

"I would recommend this workshop to anyone in IT who is either curious about the topic of Emotional Intelligence or believes they already possess this quality.

The knowledge of 'self' gives one the powers of inner confidence and the heart of outward considerations. Being better able to identify and understand why and when we react or don't react in life's situations is a tool each person should own. The materials are concise and appropriate, the workshop schedule flows well and the instructor, Ms. Edith Varley, has the dynamic aptitude to deliver and make this workshop an exceptional experience."
Jan Oakland, IT Communications & Planning Service
Express Scripts

"Eye opener for the simple things we overlook in performing the daily simple tasks, which are sure steps to be a winner in life."
SundarRajan Krishnan, Data Architect
Data Management - Infrastructure Operations, Ameren

Organizations Represented
Blue Cross Blue Shield Missouri
Express Scripts
Federal Reserve Bank
Nestle Purina
The Boeing Company
UniGroup, Inc.
Washington University in St. Louis