Support Staff Academy (SSA) - Participant Feedback

A program of the Cooperating School Districts

December 7, 2007

The MAGIC of You in World-Class Customer Service

Overall Seminar - 100% rated overall experience "VALUABLE" or "VERY VALUABLE"

Instructor Evaluation - 100% of participants said Edie met their expectations

The most valuable idea I learned and will use is:

  • Remembering to give everyone my full attention when communicating.
  • Listening without interruption.
  • SHAPE - T.A.P. very powerful. Learned that I need to know myself better in order to better know someone else.
  • Show respect. Listen to what any body has to say (adult or children).
  • To be a more attentive listener.
  • How to show concern genuinely to gain trust from customers.
  • Accepting responsibility - both good and bad.
  • Keeping my mouth shut when listening and not to multi task while listening to my students and my own child.
  • Be a little more attentive in the moment. To provide better customer service.
  • I need to be a better listener at school and in my personal life. It was a great learning experience.
  • Confidence in myself.
  • Staying focused on other person's conversation without interrupting or offering advice if they really are not asking for advice.
  • Smile, listen, and call.
  • The parallel of parenting and family life.

Why participants would recommend this program to others:

  • The lady was spunky and interesting.
  • Very dynamic and motivating-ready to go out and practice attentive listening.
  • It opened my eyes of how to show respect in my work place and everyday living.
  • The program made sense. It has value in helping me interact better with internal and external customers.
  • I think everyone can benefit from being uplifted by Edie.
  • Uplifting program.
  • This is very upbeat and you model what you teach, rather than just telling us. The exercise actually proved a point versus just being annoying.
  • I think all secretaries should attend this session.
  • Very informative day.
  • Edie was so out going and caught your attention. I believe she was the best speaker I've ever listened to!
  • It contains a great deal of practical suggestions which can be used immediately- great advice!
  • It's a real positive experience and helps you be a better you.
  • Very dynamic presenter.

This should be a class (a mandatory class) to take in high school. Everyone needs this. It would, I believe bring more peace to our world.