MAGIC - Make A Greater Individual Commitment

What is MAGIC?

The exhilaration of the holiday season is full of it. Magic --- such a simple word and yet so special that it creates vibrant images of wonder for the child within all of us.

Magic transforms the ordinary events of our life into extraordinary experiences. Magic brings enthusiasm, energy, joy, significance, warmth and light---even a sense of awe to our life. Magic also expresses a rich motivational acronym: Make A Greater Individual Commitment. And that is what I am asking everyone to do. Make A Greater Individual Commitment in your life!

What does that mean and how do I do that?

The word "commitment" means, promise or pledge. To Make A Greater Individual Commitment means you promise or pledge to do your best ... all the time not just when it suits you or is easy or convenient but ALL the time.

When you tap into your special magic you bring your enthusiasm and energy with you everywhere you go and in everything you do. The qualities of enthusiasm and energy light up every space, indoor or outdoor. It lifts every activity out of the ordinary and turns it into an extraordinary moment in time. Genuine enthusiasm does not need good weather or the perfect circumstance to build excitement and bring significance to every event.

What does MAGIC look like?

The first outward sign of someone practicing their special magic actually comes from the inside, from "within" and the shear joy of being alive. It is then "seen" on the outside by the warmth of your smile. The smile speaks volumes. When you understand the power in your smile you won't go anywhere without it. Your smile is the universal language no matter what language others speak. It's the light in your window that tells others you're looking at life through the window of pleasure. Use the power in your smile to send a signal to everyone you meet; you are a caring, sharing person, at home at school at work at play and Making A Greater Individual Commitment is your way of life

Make A Greater Individual Commitment begins with remembering the value of your word at home at school at work at play.

The most important work any of us ever does is within the four walls of our home, our school, our place of work and our community. Making A Greater Individual Commitment everywhere you go and in everything you do begins with remembering the value of your word. Think about it. You must "remember the value of your word." What is the value of your word? Do you say things you don't mean? Do you say you will do something and then don't? Sometimes you do what you say and then sometimes you don't. It's called unreliable.

Remember the value of your word to yourself first.

You must keep and value your word to yourself in all things. Have you ever told yourself that you want to lose 10 pounds by such and such of a date and then that date comes and you have not lost the 10 pounds? Have you resolved in the New Year to begin a physical fitness program three days per week and you only go one day per week but you had good excuses. Did you say to yourself you are going to make your bed everyday without having to be asked and then don't? Do you say to yourself I am going to be on time for my appointments but then you're not on time? Every time we break our word to ourselves we injure our honor our spirit and our self esteem.

Remembering the value of your word is all about honesty

"Harry, I'll call you tomorrow to see how things are going." Tomorrow comes and Harry doesn't get your call. Harry chalks it up as no big deal because that kind of thing happens all the time. Nobody does what they say they are going to do. Harry has a low expectation because he has been disappointed so many times before that he doesn't count on what you "say", he waits to see what you "do" because that is the real measure and honor of a man or woman; the value of their word. Their word is valued and trusted because they DO what they SAY they will do not sometimes but "all" the time. They are the real hero's and heroines of our day.

Remember, no amount of legal paperwork makes your word any more reliable, valuable or trusted.

Make a Greater Individual Commitment Sustainable

Today many people lose sight of this all-important gift of MAGIC in their lives. They have no hope, no relief and no escape because they have forgotten they are in charge of their special MAGIC. MAGIC is all about choosing to use the gifts and talent we were born with to the fullest.

Make A Greater Individual Commitment is a way of life. It's popping out of bed with a smile on your face excited about the adventure of another day. It's remembering your "best" is always getting better because you continue to practice making a greater individual commitment.

It's thinking before you speak so that when you speak you mean what you say and you do what you say you will do all the time.

Everyone is always looking for a "competitive" advantage.

Be remembered by the value of your word in big things and little. If you can't deliver on the little things how in the world will you ever be able to deliver on the big things that most matter?

Happy New Year to You

Make A Greater Individual Commitment in your life beginning right now! Check in with yourself. Take a personal inventory. Tap into your special MAGIC and get full of enthusiasm, energy, joy, significance, and warmth. Be a light and have a sense of awe in your life.


© 12/2001 Edith C. Varley All rights reserved.