MAGIC - A, the letter in MAGIC

Today, let's look at the letter A. Every thing in our world is measured or assessed.

Ask your self what it would be like if we poured a mold of greatness for every person we met; If every student, employee and emerging leader got an A, upfront, in the beginning of the semester, the quarter, the term? Wow, the pressure is off and now real learning can begin.

This is where the teacher and the student, the mentor and protégé, the leader and emerging leader work on unleashing the enthusiasm, energy, joy, significance, warmth and light that's inside, so that the student, protégé, emerging leader and the teacher, mentor and leader can learn how to apply their special gifts and talents and turn them on in "practice" every day.

Practice . . . practice this is what turns ordinary into extraordinary.

We practice our special MAGIC: Making A Greater Individual Commitment and our best keeps getting better all the time.

A, the letter in MAGIC

We begin to understand how one person standing alone in a crowd with courage and conviction and MAGIC, makes A difference . . . One choice at a time.

What if we gave everyone we knew an A upfront, in the beginning and then strained to see how they Make A Greater Individual Commitment.

It would change the landscape and the lens by which you see; from boundaries and limitations into possibilities and collaboration.

We want A students in all settings to succeed.

Pour a mold of greatness for yourself and start out with an A for the day. End the day with your signature of pride. Write down on a piece of paper why you earned that A.

MAGIC: MAKE A GREATER INDIVIDUAL COMMITMENT everyday and you will see what a grade A difference you mAke.

Who do you need to pour a mold of greatness for? How can you change your landscape, your lens?

MAGICTM expansion inspired by the book The Art of Possibility, Zander/Zander
Edith C. Varley, The Varley Group, Inc.
All Rights Reserved 4/2002