MAGIC - Trust is the Cornerstone . . .

Ask yourself, "What makes a relationship last?" In most cases, the answer to this complex question can be summed up within one simple word "TRUST."

There are other words that come close to describing the factors involved in obtaining good rapport and an enduring relationship with another human being, but upon closer examination they prove to be only the building blocks that when cemented together, create the broader foundation of "TRUST."

Honesty is one of these bricks that help cement a relationship. Remember the value of your word and keep it consistently in big things and little things. This establishes trust and demonstrates your credibility, your character. Other bricks, such as Commitment, a pledge and promise, to be there when you are needed, and Competence, the attitude skill knowledge and know-how that produces results and inspires others helps grow trust.

Respect for your self allows you to honor the differences in others and become trusting of them. Communication; the wholehearted listening to another human being for their need validates that human being and helps restore trust when needed. Wholehearted speaking that is open, simple, clear in tone content and style, creates transparency clarity and accelerates value-outcomes that are meaningful. Conviction; you believe in something, so you don't fall for just anything and people know where you stand.

All of these "bricks" contribute to a solid basis of behaviors and competencies that build instill and inspire trust. When trust is high things go fast, cost goes down and outcomes pay big dividends. Without these "bricks" of character and competence suspicion arises and distrust slows things down, raises cost and burdens everyone. In all kinds of weather when fear abounds in uncertain times it is the degree of trust worthiness and trust willingness that ensures assures and insures a relationship's thrive-ability.

Whether your relationships are new or veteran earning their "TRUST" lies at the heart of any effort to obtain their commitment and keep it.

People have long memories; free coffee, donuts, discounts and big promises may win them over for a day, but if you want a relationship to last and long term success in life, "TRUST" is the cornerstone.

© Edith C. Varley All rights reserved. Inspired by Linda Bruder and S.M.R Covey.