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Transform human potential into constructive contribution in business and organizations

Listen to excerpts from Edie's speech at
Washington University Commencement ceremony

Leadership Development
Using Emotional Intelligence to grow from Good to Great
Sessions focus on key predictors for successful leadership; attributes, competencies and practices in four dimensions: Self-Awareness, Self-Mastery, Social Awareness and Relational Leadership (learn more)

Executive Counseling
Preventing CEO disease
Sessions focus on how to create an atmosphere that encourages circular communication, prevents vital lies and promotes a healthy, vital organization that moves in the same direction together. How to reframe a situation, issue by issue, from multiple perspectives, to gain a deeper understanding of what needs to be done and doing it.

Employee Transformation
From the boiler room to the board room
Sessions focus on attunement to personal vision to promote alignment with the organizational mission. Link what is said and done to unite energy with commitment for optimum outcome.

Communication Enhancement
Trust is the cornerstone
Sessions focus on how to make 'overt' the covert practices that undermine organizational effectiveness: how to communicate in ways that are open, honest, direct and frequent - full of constructive feedback to enhance organizational effectiveness: how to build an absolute advantage, keep and value your word in all things, big and small.

Motivational Speaking
Releasing the Human Spirit
Sessions focus on creating awareness to transform potential into constructive contribution. MAGIC: Make A Greater Individual Commitment. Energizing the Leader. Renewing the Spirit. The MAGIC of Whole Hearted Listening. Emotional Intelligence: Growing from Good to Great. Trust, Awareness, Patience T.A.P.

Dealing with Power and Influence in the Workplace
Edie served as the keynote speaker for the third annual Graduate Women in Business Conference held April 7, 2005 at the Charles F. Knight Executive Education Center on the campus of Washington University. Her energized speech defined and reframed the concept of power. (Read more in Washington University's ezine Discovery@Olin.)

All sessions, keynote presentations and learning seminars are customized for 'fit'.

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