Letters of Value

  Bishop Dubourg High School
Charter Advertising St. Louis
Chesterfield Day School
Clear Channel Entertainment
Continuum of Care Marketing Asso.
Cooperating School District
Custom Cuts
Ferguson-Florissant School District
Hilton Hotels Corporation
Kelly Mitchell Group, Inc.
Love Management Company
  Missouri School Food Service Asso
NACM Central Region Credit Conference
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Parkway School District
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Professional Development for Women
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St. Louis Public Schools
Steelville R-3 School District
Trouw Nutrition USA
Washington University in St. Louis
Continuum of Care Marketing Association
Dear Edith:

On behalf of the board and membership for our organization, COCMA, We would like to thank you for your presentation at our July meeting. Your presentation, Driving Performance by Making a Greater Individual Commitment your Added Value, was a great motivator for all of our membership.

In the business of marketing, especially in healthcare it is so important to be reminded of our added value and what it takes to get there. I have received such great feedback from your presentation and comments about how wonderful you are as a person. We all felt inspired by your presentation and inspired by you as a person.

In all of our presentations over the last few years, I rarely see the speaker for our meeting make so many friends, connections and or even network with our membership.

Again, we are grateful for your motivation, grateful for your presentation and grateful to have met you as a person. We hope to have you back again to speak to our membership again.

Leslie Schmidt, President of Continuum of Care Marketing Association
Charter Advertising St. Louis
Dear Reader:

The fact that you are reading this letter means that in all likelihood you are evaluating options and alternatives for organizational effectiveness programs and/or enhanced leadership development through executive counseling.

In July 2002, Charter Advertising St. Louis discovered an insightful resource in Edie Varley. At that time, as a result of market consolidation, we had two distinct cultures, different operating philosophies and varying business systems that needed to be combined and melded into one stronger unit. It was not a small task. I invited Edie to help us maximize organizational effectiveness and enhance leadership skills development through executive counseling. She not only assisted us through that process, but she continues to help us today. Edie's ideas, insight and energy have acted as a catalyst. She helped us to get rid of the "noise", tap our strengths, define our values and enhance our effectiveness in the marketplace and in our own organization. Her fresh and original approach is business unusual. Edie Varley's leadership example inspires our people to find and develop their own special MAGIC and Make A Greater Individual Commitment to themselves and our organization. In short, I trust Edie and her ability to continue to provide Charter Advertising St. Louis with an "energized" environment that promotes learning and success. She brought her MAGIC to our organization, and I have no doubt that she can do the same for yours!
Paul W. Sly, Vice President Advertising Sales
Washington University in St. Louis
Edie Varley poses a vital opportunity for audiences: Ms. Varley's presence and her conviction cause every audience member to sit up and listen. Ms. Varley presented in my Master's level Theory and Practice of Business Communication class, in the Health Administration Program at the Washington University School of Medicine, in St. Louis.

Ms. Varley immediately learns and remembers audience members' names; the audience, in turn, immediately learns that Edie will cause a shift in their perceptions. Ms. Varley speaks about emotional intelligence: She uses lecture, discussion, examples, and cases to help people seize the opportunity to ponder their view of professional and personal environments. Her powerful ideas result in people applying a new set of tools with which to evaluate their interactions. Ms. Varley leaves an audience with a gift: the gift of a shift in perception.
Professor Annette Veech, Senior Lecturer of Business Communications,
John M. Olin Business School

(Read additional commentary from Washington University in their Discovery@Olin ezine article entitled "Edie Varley: Her Fresh Approach Is Business Unusual.")

Hilton Hotels Corporation
Hilton Chemicals Initiative
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the consulting services you provided to me during the Hilton Chemicals Initiative. Your insights and knowledge of the chemicals industry has helped Hilton Hotels Corporation create a world class chemicals management program. In addition to achieving double digit savings over our existing chemicals programs, we created "best in class" cleaning systems that will propel Hilton Hotels Corporation goal of providing a clean room and public space to new levels. I have never met anyone with the passion for excellence to succeed, but the understanding that everyone can "win" in a successful relationship. The enhancements in products and packaging, exceptional training programs and ability to understand Hilton's internal customer have made you a legend at Hilton.
David W. French, C.P.M. Corporate Director-Strategic Sourcing
Hilton Hotels Corporation
2006 Housekeeping Leadership Conference: OUTSHINE OUTPERFORM OUTSPARKLE

Thank you again for joining us in Tucson. I continue to hear from GM's how their Director's of Housekeeping came back from the meeting with a spring in their step.

Hope all is well,
Michelle Pike, Corporate Director of Housekeeping
Hilton Hotels Corporation-World Headquarters
Clear Channel Entertainment
As Clear Channel Entertainment charges into the New Year, change of monumental proportions continue; in our world, in our industry, and within our Special Events Team. Three Valuable ideas from your Team Building Seminar continue to resonate with my people. Listen to understand, trust is the cornerstone and respect the difference. The "practice" of these valuable ideas has enlarged our capacity to work together, enhanced our sphere of influence with clients and helped us to develop a strong competitive edge.
Carol Kelleher, Vice President, Special Events
Steelville R-3 School District
Thank you so much for the presentation, "MAGIC: Make A Greater Individual Commitment." Our school district as a whole has benefited greatly from your inspiration and energy. You truly made a difference in our overall school environment. I walk down the hall and hear fellow teachers making comments about spreading the "MAGIC", and I smile to myself. I touch over 100 children's lives on a daily basis, and I want each one of them to know they are special. Your words and your energy have instilled this power in me. I would strongly recommend your programs to all individuals in the work field.
Jodie Cottrell, Professional Development Committee Chairperson
On behalf of the Steelville R-III School District, I would to thank you for the excellent program you brought to our professional staff. The extra time and effort you took to learn about your audience and to reach out to them was evident, not only in your presentation, but in the response of the listeners. Our teachers and support staff are encouraged to pursue the goal of MAGIC. As our entire staff work to develop a greater commitment and improve listening skills, our students will be the real winners.
Sharon England, Director of Transportation and Food Services
On behalf of Ceridian and our valued Customers, I wish to thank you for your energetic presentation and thoughtful message; "The most valuable renewable resource in the world is the Human Spirit." The opinions expressed in the survey leave no doubt about your important and valuable role in the effort to make our Customer Appreciation Event a success. You certainly made it fun to stay in touch with our Customers!
Annette M. Harm, Client Relationship Manager
Trouw Nutrition USA
Thank you Edie and Pam, for taking my vague idea of a training need and creating a one-day training session that was very successful. You have definitely won my recommendation. I am really looking forward to the time we can collaborate again to help others discover the answers or methods to make life at work and home better. I believe you both complement each other's style nicely, which makes for a well-balanced, educational and fun training session.
Judy Reutiman, Vice President/Controller
Ferguson-Florissant School District
On behalf of the Ferguson-Florissant School District Extended School Year member Schools, I wish to thank you for your energetic presentation and thoughtful message; "Teaching is educating the mind and leading is educating the heart." You made us think about the "nobility" of our profession, the unique "gifts" we bring to the classroom, the community and our homes and that "teachers" must be "leaders" too. You are a wonderful bundle of energy sharing a great message. That is your special MAGIC.
R. James Bartlett, Executive Director of Instruction
St. Louis Public Schools
Thank you once again for your energetic presentation of "Renewing the Spirit." I have heard many positive comments about your program. It certainly left us all thinking about ourselves and our own relationships. As future in-service programs are planned throughout the year, we will certainly keep you in mind for additional workshops. We can always use motivation!
Charlotte Hinrichs, Administrative Nutritionist
Missouri School Food Service Association
This year as Vice-President of the MSFSA it was my responsibility to secure a speaker for our regional workshops. Edie was energetic, and delivered a message that went to the hearts of the attendees. As an example of her effectiveness a few weeks after she spoke to one group, we had a letter from a director of food service commenting that she could still tell a difference in her staffs' attitudes after listening to Edie's presentation. This kind of comment exemplifies Edie's effectiveness as a speaker and is a wonderful tribute to her thorough preparation and her ability to deliver her message to an audience. I would not hesitate to recommend Edith Varley as a speaker or mentor.
Paula Kullman, Vice President MSFSA
Cooperating School District
Congratulations and a hearty "Thank you!" for helping to make our 10th Annual Support Staff Mini-Conference such a great success. By sharing of your time, talents and expertise so generously with the participants, your involvement helped add a little "MAGIC" of your own! Once again you've shown us that by working together, we can do great things for kids and for our communities. You are a treasure!
Dorothy J. White, CMP, Conference and Special Events Coordinator
Custom Cuts
In mid 2000, I was looking for someone to help identify some severe human resource problems at our company. Edie was able to quickly help me identify the problems, and then worked with our company to communicate with and train our associates. Edie is an exceptional communicator either speaking to a group, or one on one. She communicates clearly, dynamically and compassionately. She is also good at analyzing problems, and working through them to understand and implement solutions. I would be more than happy to discuss her credentials with anybody personally. I cannot recommend her more highly.
Peter T. Hall, Chairman and CEO
Rockwood School District
Thank you for the inspiriting presentation you made to our food service staff. Your understanding of the challenges faced by food service employees was obvious. I hope they remember your message for a long time. I appreciate your willingness to proceed with the program in spite of the weather and your father's illness.
Jordan Mavromatis, Director of Food Service/Warehouse
Pattonville School District
I am writing this letter of recommendation after receiving numerous complements on my selection of a motivational speaker to "kick off" this school year. In looking for someone to set a positive tone and to excite employees, I believe Edie Varley would be an excellent choice for any organization. After pre-interviews with some of our employees, she was able to present at a level that was appropriate for the audience she addressed. She held the attention and interest of our employees throughout the hour and a half session. Edie spoke with a contagious passion and energy while including the audience in her presentation. Most participants now remember that something as simple as a smile can make a difference in making a greater individual commitment every day. We thank Edie for bringing her MAGIC program to Pattonville.
Rick Mariam, Director of Food & Nutrition Services
Kelly Mitchell Group, Inc.
It was my extreme pleasure to welcome and introduce Ms. Edie Varley to the employees at Kelly Mitchell Group, Inc. She delivered an incredible presentation aimed at leadership development. It inspired, motivated and most importantly asked the "right" questions that lead each participant on a journey in self discovery. Ms. Varley is one of the most charismatic, warm-hearted, and dynamic people that you will run across in a lifetime. Her personal commitment and focus to others, is second to none! She is a 21st century business leader that is dedicated in the achievement of other's goals, both professional and personal. Her inner spirit unites people, and at the same time, opens up one's mind to explore new possibilities that are held deep inside. She has an unwavering commitment and is a true inspiration. I would highly recommend Ms. Varley to any organization.
Mark LoCigno, President
Professional Development for Women
Emotional Intelligence: Growing from Good to Great
Edie Varley was one of the featured speakers at this seminar sponsored by Clemson University. Her presentation was rated Excellent and Very Good by 95% of the participants. Feedback received included:
  • Excellent topic and presentation, I would like to expand this information. Very adoptable to personal and professional life.
  • Wonderful topic - very enlightening
  • Outstanding, insightful; very engaging and I was saddened by the closure of her program, she was very energetic.
Bishop DuBourg High School
Again, I want to thank you for talking with my students. I believe the day was such a success, and I would like to share some of the comments that my students wrote following your presentation. Following each speaker, students are required to write a reflection paper. I was able to collect these reflection papers on Thursday and Friday.

Here are some of their comments:

I learned that I can make a difference in people's lives. I realized I have many talents. I used to dismiss them as miniscule and unimportant. I am walking away from this opportunity with confidence in myself.

She tried to get us to see that no matter what we do, we can make a difference in the lives of others and in our own lives by just using our gifts and making a commitment to better our institution.

I thought Edie Varley's presentation was one of the best our class has seen all year ... I really enjoyed the packet she gave us. It was a lot easier to write my thoughts on paper than to say them out loud in class.

We talked about what qualities are in a leader and why they are important. I saw that I do have many of these qualities ... She always had something positive to say after someone had shared his/her thoughts.

When we entered the classroom, she shook each of our hands. She made everyone feel like the most important person in the world at the moment.

She made a difference in the way I think and try to act towards others. I now want to live up to the potential that I have been shown I am capable of. I don't think I will ever forget Edie Varley.

She addressed questions that made me think. I never put much thought into what I really am good at or how I am different from everyone else ... She wanted to try to help us improve ourselves and play to our strengths.

She opened the door for me and really challenged me to believe in myself.

The main thing I learned is what I value most and how to share my gifts and talents with others. She taught me to take pride in everything I do. I wouldn't change anything about her speech. Her energy really motivated me.

These are just a sampling of the comments that students wrote. I believe they capture the spirit of the class, and I hope that you enjoy reading them.
I sincerely appreciate all that you have done for my students, Edie. It has been a pleasure working with you.
Marie Neville
Love Management Company
May 28, 2007

Dear Edie,

WE ARE ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to the spirited presentation, Leading with Emotional Intelligence: An Absolute Advantage, you delivered to the senior leaders of Love Management Company, Inc. earlier this month. Again this year, we were invigorated by your energy, inspiration and the great message you deliver while having such fun. As the impetus of our company Whole Hearted Listening Program, we thank you for your continued encouragement as it develops. Having associates learn and use ideas such as, "the power of a "yes" attitude, begin with a smile, business is a theatre you are on stage, teamwork, have a plan, learn to be a better listener, set goals, build trust ... and the thought, what can I contribute today that will significantly affect those I serve ... what are my special attributes that I (& only I) can bring to the table," enhances our leadership competence. We are very grateful.

Mary Rieser, President, Love Management Company, Inc.

May 18, 2006: LMC Participant Feedback from Annual Meeting Day

Of the 20 participants, so far I have received feedback from 12.

Edie Varley was rated on a scale of 1 to 4 based on presentation and value of content:
    1. excellent
    2. good
    3. fair
    4. poor

Edie was rated 11 excellents and 1 good. The comments were very positive both for the topic as well as Edie's level of enthusiasm. Words such as entertaining, knowledgeable, insightful, energetic, humorous, effective, refreshing, and upbeat were typical. There were no negative comments other than one participant who felt Edie was over zealous. Many participants hoped that we could get her again as a speaker.

Participants were asked what was the most valuable idea they learned from her presentation. Most of the responses were measured in terms of how the participants could improve their listening skills. For example, self evaluative comments such as controlling my emotions, knowing myself better, and interact better were typical. Others appreciated the whole concept of whole hearted listening and were determined to apply it immediately.

As to what they would apply immediately from Edie's presentation, again the comments reflected self evaluation. Participants planned on controlling their emotions, recognize efforts of others, set time frames, build a stronger team, evaluate strengths of others, pay better attention to their own listening skills and pay more attention to their coworkers.

As for what they liked the best about the meeting, participants mentioned the overall upbeat feeling, the relevance of the topic to both personal and professional life, the laughter, the sharing, and the overall positive experience.

As for what could be improved, a number wished there was more time. Some would have liked to see a roundtable forum to "compare notes" with fellow Department Heads.

General comments reflected an overall great experience.
Ron Stanley, HR Coordinator, Love Management Company, Inc.
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
On behalf of NAIFA-St. Louis, thank you for sharing your excellent presentation. The group thoroughly enjoyed your comments and we've received excellent feedback. Quality presentations like yours are an important part of the member benefits and help to improve the membership experience. Thank you again for the nice visit, great presentation and your continued support.
Michael Tessler, President
NACM Gateway Regional Credit and Business Solutions
It has been only one week since you graced our 11th annual NACM Central Region Credit Conference with your stirring keynote address and illuminating breakout session, and the glow lingers still! Until this year, we had never used a keynote speaker from outside the credit/financial community. I don't mind telling you (after the fact) that there were those within our group who were somewhat skeptical that your message would resonate with our attendees. However, those fears were quickly abated with your message of personal responsibility.

I like the fact that you don't label yourself as a "motivational" speaker, but rather as an "aspirational" speaker - in that your message causes the listener to aspire to higher and more noble achievements. It really puts the onus where it belongs - on the listener, and not on the speaker.

In the early discussion that Courtney and I held with you, we were both impressed with your desire to tailor the message precisely for our audience. Most professional speakers claim to do so, but we held three meetings with you prior to the Credit Conference, and at each meeting, you more finely honed your presentation in accord with what we wanted, and what we felt the audience would want. The 4.68 (on a five point scale) speaker rating you earned is proof that you connected in a very visceral way with our membership.

To anyone reading this letter, I would say that if you are looking for a speaker or presenter who will challenge your audience to be better "whatever," and will also show them the way, then Edie Varley is your logical choice. NACM Gateway Regional made that choice, and we're glad we did!
Richard W. Wilson, CAE, President
Chesterfield Day School
Dear Edie,

Thank you for the MAGIC you worked at CDS. Everyone thought your presentation provided helpful insights that may affect positive change in their lives.

I loved the "delivery"! You are a great teacher! I could see how having you for a "bathroom sanitizing" class would get me revved up to do my best.

Thanks also for weaving in the elements of focus we had discussed earlier in the summer. I think your message resonated with many folks.

I wish you the best.

Dennis Guilliams, Head
Parkway School District

Wow!! is the word I heard the rest of Friday after your wonderful keynote presentation! Thank you for being such a dynamic and exciting speaker!

I know that you not only were all that you and I discussed but definitely exceeded our expectations....and like you, I always have high expectations! Many thanks for being just what our group needed and for the reminder of how important they are -- not just to the school district but to themselves!

Many thanks for setting a perfect tone for our day of learning!

You are really inspiring and your energy is remarkable!

Thank you!
Elizabeth Mayes, Support Staff Development Facilitator